Cottonwood Man Loses Thousands Of Dollars In Two Separate Phone Scams

A 75-year-old Cottonwood man was recently scammed out of thousands of dollars in two separate phone scams. The first call took place between December 13th and 18th. A scammer who went by the name “Mike McCarthy” told the man his social security number had been used for illegal activity in Texas and in order to […]

Prescott Valley Police Investigating Another Fraud Scheme

The Prescott Valley Police Department is investigating another report of a fraud scheme related to the victim’s social security number. A 71-year-old victim reported receiving a phone call last week during which the caller identified himself as an “agent” with the Social Security Administration. The “agent” told the victim that the victim’s social security number […]

Prescott Valley Police Report A Rise In Social Security Scam Calls

The Prescott Valley Police Department says they have received reports recently saying scammers are trying to get money from people using social security as the reason. Officials say the call shows up on caller ID as coming from the Prescott Valley Police Department so people think it’s legitimate. Scammers give various stories about money being […]