Chino Valley Police Warn Of Scam Calls Using Their Credentials

Chino Valley Police say they are getting reports of scammers using local numbers to try and commit a crime. Officials say scammers are telling callers that they are from the Chino Valley Police Department and says the victims’ social security number has been used and they need to verify the details with the officer. Officers […]

Scammers Posing As Flagstaff Police Making Calls In The City

The Flagstaff Police Department were recently notified of a scam call making its way through the city. Officials say the scam is related to an individual representing themselves as an employee of the Flagstaff Police Department as they solicited goods and financial resources from the individual and business. Remember, be cautious with any solicitations from […]

Prescott Valley Residents Still Receiving Scam Calls

Residents of Prescott Valley are still getting hit with scam calls. Police have received calls recently of a person on the other line, identifying himself using a legitimate name of an officer of the Prescott Valley Police Department. He then tells the victim, they have multiple warrants out for their arrest, but they can handle […]

Prescott Valley Police Is Warning Residents Of Another Phone Scam

Prescott Valley Police are warning of another telephone scam in the area. Officials say a victim reported a call at around 10 a.m. Tuesday morning about an unknown man who was impersonating Prescott Valley Police Detective Matthew Wilson. The victim was told he was going to be charged with a felony and was threatened with […]

Prescott Valley Police Report A Rise In Social Security Scam Calls

The Prescott Valley Police Department says they have received reports recently saying scammers are trying to get money from people using social security as the reason. Officials say the call shows up on caller ID as coming from the Prescott Valley Police Department so people think it’s legitimate. Scammers give various stories about money being […]

The FBI Is Spreading The Word About Scams Involving The Elderly

The FBI is spreading the word about scams that lead to elderly fraud. Saturday is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day and elderly fraud is a rising concern not only nationwide, but in Arizona. The FBI says the top five crimes against the elderly by victim count are extortion, personal data breach, non-payment/non-delivery, tech support and […]

Prescott Police Say They Have Seen An Uptick In Scam Calls Recently

The Prescott Police Department has seen an increase of fraud schemes and similar crimes as of late. In one instance a victim reported that he had been contacted by a caller who claimed to be from a utility company. The caller told the victim that he needed to pay a large sum of money in […]