Paid Parking In Downtown And Southside Flagstaff Resumes March 1st

Paid parking will resume March 1st in downtown and southside Flagstaff. The program was suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When ParkFlag resumes, the program will include changes that were recommended by the public including shortened hours of the pay-to-park schedule to reflect when management was needed the most. Hours will be 9 a.m. to […]

Town Of Jerome To Begin Paid Parking

Paid parking is coming to Jerome. The city has designated four “pay-to-park” areas within the town. Paid parking will be in lots next to the Sliding Jail, the middle parking lot off of Hull Avenue, the east side of Main Street from School Street to First Avenue and the entire lot across from the Conner […]

Paid Parking Begins At Horseshoe Bend Near Page

If you’re heading to Horseshoe Bend in Page anytime soon, be aware it will now cost you money to enter the park. To get into the area carved by the Colorado River, visitors will pay ten dollars per vehicle, and five dollars for motorcycles. Prices increase for commercial vans and tour buses depending how many […]