Flagstaff Is Seeing A Spike In Opioid-Related Deaths

Flagstaff has seen a spike in opioid-related deaths recently involving M30 pills, which are fentanyl or carfentanyl laced drugs. Flagstaff Police say there were two deaths on Saturday, all connected to M30 pills. The first call was to East Cottage Avenue regarding an unresponsive person. Emergency personnel arrived and rendered aid, but the person was […]

Flagstaff Police Sees A Rise In Opioid Related Overdoses

The Flagstaff Police Department is seeing a spike in opioid drug related overdoses and deaths associated with blue “M30” type pills. The pills are light blue in color with the markings M-30, which is the same color and marking as legitimate Oxycodone. The pills are known to contain Fentanyl and Carfentanyl. These pills are being […]

City Of Prescott Sues Pharmaceutical Companies Over The Opioid Crisis

The City of Prescott has filed a lawsuit against pharmaceutical and distributor companies in regards to the opioid crisis. The suit comes after months of debate by the Prescott City Council on whether or not to go after the companies for the harm the opioid crisis has done on the city. Council voted unanimously in […]