Search And Rescue Crews Tended To An Injured Hiker On Mt. Elden Thursday

There was a search and rescue attempt Thursday afternoon in the area of the Fat Man’s Loop Trail on the southside of Mt. Elden in East Flagstaff. Coconino County Sheriff’s officials say search and rescue crews, with aid from a DPS helicopter, located an injured hiker who was stranded on the mountain. Rescuers did their […]

Some Areas Of Mt. Elden Closed Due To Forest Thinning Work Will Reopen Wednesday

Coconino National Forest officials are planning to reduce the closure area around Mt. Elden Wednesday that was put in place back in January so forest thinning operations could be done safely. Access to Schultz Pass Road, Elden Lookout Road and most of the trails in and around Mt. Elden will reopen. However, motorized vehicles won’t […]

Helicopter Operations In Phase Two Of The FWPP To Begin Soon

Helicopter logging operations will begin soon on the Flagstaff Watershed Protection Project. Flagstaff officials say beginning soon, flight operations will be visible along Shultz Pass and Mt. Elden Lookout Road area. The helicopter will lift and transport bundles of felled trees from the project area to established landing sites. The work is part of Phase […]