Flagstaff’s Minimum Wage Increases To $15 An Hour January 1st

Flagstaff’s minimum wage increases to $15 an hour January 1st. The increase stems from an ordinance passed by the voters in the November 2016 and amended by the city council in 2017. The Minimum Wage Ordinance covers all people in the city who work, or expected to work, 25 or more hours a week in […]

Report: Optimal Minimum Wage For Flagstaff Is $13/Hour

Next year when Flagstaff’s minimum wage hits $15-dollars an hour, it will be two dollars too high, according to a controversial report the city paid for and was then canceled by the author. The “Arizona Daily Sun” says preliminary findings from the report, conducted by the Rounds Consulting Group, says the current optimal wage in […]

Report: Authors Of Minimum Wage Report Terminates Contract With City Of Flagstaff

The author of a controversial report on Flagstaff’s minimum wage law has reportedly cancels the contract with the city. Jim Rounds, president of the Rounds Consulting Group, reportedly sent a letter to the city Friday saying the company would deliver preliminary findings and then terminate the contract. Rounds told the “Arizona Daily Sun” the council […]

Minimum Wage Goes Up January First

Starting January 1st, the state’s minimum wage will go up to 12-dollars an hour in Arizona. However, in Flagstaff it means the minimum wage will go up to 13-dollars an hour. The increase stems from an ordinance passed by the voters in the November 2016 and amended by the city council in 2017, that the […]

Flagstaff Targeted In The State Budget Over The City’s Minimum Wage


The state budget is getting closer to a vote in both the House and Senate. However, it was revealed Wednesday night that there’s a prevision in the budget where Flagstaff will be charged for raising its minimum wage higher than the state’s. It is just one of many items in the 11-point-eight billion dollar budget […]

Youth Minimum Wage Bill Passes The Senate Commerce Committee


A controversial bill promoting youth employment was passed in the Senate Commerce Committee Thursday. House Bill 2523 targets 18-to-22 year olds for a pay rate lower than the state’s minimum wage. The rate would be the national minimum wage rate of $7.25 an hour. The bill’s opponents argue paying younger, part-time employees significantly less than […]

House Committee Holds Up A Senate Bill That Would Help Fund Flagstaff Non-Profits

A Senate bill to benefit some Flagstaff non-profits was supposed to be heard in a House committee Thursday, but was held up. SB-1225 was written by Senator Sylvia Allen and it’s meant to provide short-term funding to the city’s non-profits to help the cope with Flagstaff’s rising minimum wage. If the bill is passed by […]