McSally, O’Halleran Team Up To Free Up “Red Tape” At Sunset Crater

Senator Martha McSally and Congressman Tom O’Halleran have teamed up on a bill that would improve the Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument near Flagstaff. The bipartisan bill would transfer ownership of 97 acres from the National Forest Service to the National Park Service. The land is home to monument offices and facilities. McSally says she […]

Former Mount Elden Middle School Teacher To Run For U.S. Senate

A retired Flagstaff school teacher is making a run for U.S. Senate. Ann Griffin taught at Mount Elden Middle School before retiring at the end of last school year and owns Arizona’s Family Matters. She now plans on challenging current Senator Martha McSally next year. Griffin has a Masters in Public Administration and has been […]

Senator McSally Introduces Bill To Help Forest Projects In Northern Arizona

Arizona Senator Martha McSally is keeping Flagstaff and Northern Arizona forest projecets in mind after she introduced a bill Thursday morning called the “Accelerating Forest Restoration And By Product Removal Act of 2019.” McSally discussed her bill in Thursday’s Energy and Natural Resources hearing on the outlook for wildland fire and management programs for 2019. […]