City Of Flagstaff To Go Back Into Phase Two Of Its COVID Re-Entry Plan Monday

The City of Flagstaff will go into back into Phase Two of its COVID-19 re-entry plan Monday. Phase Two would close down the city’s libraries, all employees that can, will return to remote work status, essential services will remain in-person and on-site, amenities in the city’s parks will remain open, except for ramadas and the […]

The City Of Flagstaff Is Reopening Jay Lively Activity Center To Groups Only For Now

The City of Flagstaff is re-opening the Jay Lively Activity Center, starting Monday at noon, on a very limited basis. The center will only open to the following groups: Flagstaff Avalanche High School Hockey, Flagstaff Figure Skating Club, Flagstaff Youth Hockey Association and Just for Fun Hockey Club, based on rental agreements and ice time […]