Governor Ducey Vetos A Bill Then Issues An Executive Order Regarding Sex Education

Governor Doug Ducey vetoed a bill Tuesday regarding sex education and quickly issued an executive order on the subject. Senate Bill 1456 would have required that parents opt-in to school curriculum involving materials related to gender identity, gender expression, or sexuality in any school topic and instruction. The bill would have also asked parents to […]

Governor Ducey Relaxes COVID-19 Guidelines In Arizona

Businesses in Arizona will now no longer be required to adhere to required mask or social distancing protocols. Governor Doug Ducey announced Thursday morning that business guidelines can transition from requirements to recommendations due to declining cases and hospitalizations and that over three-million Arizonans are now vaccinated. Businesses can still require masks and distancing, but […]

Governor Ducey Issues Executive Order Takes Some Restrictions Off COVID Protocols

Governor Doug Ducey is relaxing some COVID protocols on businesses, but mask protocols and physical distancing remain in place. The governor issued an executive order that begins the next phase of COVID-19 mitigation after seven straight weeks of declining cases in Arizona and the distribution of two-million vaccines. Ducey says specific occupancy percentage limitations will […]

Governor Ducey Announces New Money For Hospitals, Vaccine For Educators And More

Governor Doug Ducey addressed the media Wednesday about the status of COVID-19 in the state. He also made additional announcements. An additional $60-million will be provided to Arizona hospitals for staffing for a total of $85-million. He also said Arizona is expected to receive the first shipment of COVID-19 vaccine doses in mid-to-late December, pending […]

Governor Ducey Urges Arizonans To Wear A Mask And Use Caution This Thanksgiving

Governor Doug Ducey held his first briefing in weeks regarding COVID-19 Wednesday afternoon. Ducey didn’t lay down any new mandates, but frantically urged the wearing of masks, physical distancing and washing your hands to all Arizona residents. He says “masks work! Please wear them.” Ducey adds: “we’ve known for a while a mask protects others, […]

Governor Ducey Announces New Order For Restaurants And Increased Testing Thursday

Governor Ducey gave an update on the COVID-19 pandemic Thursday afternoon. He told the media things look better today than they did ten days ago, but there’s a long way to go. Ducey announced a new executive order that would limit dine-in service at restaurants to “less than 50-percent capacity.” He also says there will […]

Governor Ducey Leaves Mandatory Mask Wearing In Local Government’s Hands

Governor Doug Ducey held a press conference Wednesday to announce increased steps to help slow the spike of COVID-19 cases in Arizona. Ducey said “You are most safe at home. If you can’t stay home and you go out, you are most safe when you physically distance and if you do go out, wear a […]

Governor Ducey Admits Numbers Up, But Hospital Beds Not In Crisis Mode Yet

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey held a press conference Thursday on the latest COVID-19 numbers. He says even there has been a rise in cases and hospitalizations in the state lately, Arizona is not in a critical spot. He says “the facts are we have an increase in testing, an increase in cases and an increase […]