Flagstaff Records The Driest Year On Record In 2020

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2020 was one of the driest and warmest years on record for Flagstaff and other areas of Northern Arizona. The National Weather Service says Flagstaff recorded 9.59 inches of precipitation for the year, which was the driest on record and over 12-inches below normal. The average temperature in Flagstaff was 48.2 degrees, which was the […]

Northern Arizona Cities Are Seeing Below Normal Precipitation Marks So Far This Year

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2020 has been a year for the record books weatherwise and not in a good way.  Many cities and towns in Northern Arizona are seeing one of the driest years on record.  The National Weather Service says between January First and Saturday, Flagstaff is almost ten inches of precipitation below normal.  Flagstaff usually sees over […]

Flagstaff About To Set A New Record For Driest Monsoon Season

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It looks like we will finish the 2019 Monsoon season with the driest on record for Flagstaff. The season ends today and Flagstaff has had 2.08 inches of rain this season, which would set the new record for the driest Monsoon. The previous mark was set in 1978 with 2.31 inches of rain. The dry […]

Monsoon Season Currently Driest On Record For Flagstaff

So far this has been the driest Monsoon on record for Flagstaff. The National Weather Service says from June 15th to August 13th, the Flagstaff Airport has only picked up 1.03 inches of rain from this year’s Monsoon season. That makes this year, so far, the worst Monsoon season in Flagstaff since records started being […]