Flagstaff City Council Held A Special Session Tuesday To Discuss Climate Resolutions

The Flagstaff City Council held a special meeting digitally Tuesday evening to discuss and consider various ordinances and resolutions. This meeting was the first to feature a newly adapted public comment system with the option for members of the community to share comments by phone. Council adopted a declaration of a climate emergency for the […]

Flagstaff City Council Votes To Move Citizens Petition On Climate Change Forward

Council chambers was full of people Tuesday night in support of a citizens petition to the Flagstaff City Council regarding climate change. The group wants council to approve a resolution that would declare a climate emergency in the city. In the nearly three hours spent on the topic, most who wanted to speak supported the […]

Flagstaff’s Record Snowfall Last February Makes A National Weather List

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Flagstaff’s record snowstorm last February made the National Weather Service’s “Significant Climate Anomalies” list for 2019. The 35.9-inches of snow that fell between February 20th and 22nd left its mark on the city. Both the City of Flagstaff and Coconino County declared states of emergency, which closed city and county offices until the city could […]

Hundreds Gathered At Flagstaff City Hall For The Flagstaff Youth Climate Strike

Hundreds gathered on the lawn at Flagstaff City Hall Friday for the Flagstaff Youth Climate Strike. Ages of attendees ranged from elementary school kids to senior citizens. Attendees made posters, talked to either people they knew or people they just met. Signature collectors were also present for those who are eligible to vote. The Climate […]