Chino Valley Man Arrested In Prescott For Child Molestation

A Chino Valley man, who is a registered sex offender, has been arrested for child molestation in Prescott. Police were called to a home on Copper Basin Road back in July, involving 30-year-old Randy Jarrell. A 14-year-old female victim told authorities that while the suspect and his wife were at her home babysitting, she fell […]

Cottonwood Man Arrested After Allegedly Caught Molesting An Eight-Year-Old Girl

A Cottonwood man has been arrested and is being held without bond after he was allegedly caught molesting an eight-year-old girl. Police were called to an apartment in the 100 block of South 6th Street early Wednesday morning on a child molestation report. A female caller allegedly caught 46-year-old Michael Edward Turner molesting her eight-year-old […]

A Former Prescott Pastor Is Found Guilty On Four Counts Of Child Molestation

A former Prescott pastor, who was found guilty on to aggravated assault charges but not on child molestation charges last year, was convicted of those charges Wednesday in a Camp Verde courtroom. Forty-seven year old Thomas Chantry was tried last summer on four molestation charges, but a mistrial was declared. He was re-tried on those […]