Governor Ducey Issues Executive Order Takes Some Restrictions Off COVID Protocols

Governor Doug Ducey is relaxing some COVID protocols on businesses, but mask protocols and physical distancing remain in place. The governor issued an executive order that begins the next phase of COVID-19 mitigation after seven straight weeks of declining cases in Arizona and the distribution of two-million vaccines. Ducey says specific occupancy percentage limitations will […]

The Flagstaff City Council Talked Expanded Business Space And Business Incentives Tuesday

The Flagstaff City Council met Tuesday evening to discuss and consider various grants and resolutions. The discussion regarding road closures downtown to allow for expanded business space continued from last week. The expanded business space downtown will include safety regulations and require permits for businesses selling alcohol. Council authorized the acquisition of five more parcels […]

The Flagstaff City Council Heard Numerous Presentations At Tuesday’s Work Session

The Flagstaff City Council heard a variety of presentations at Tuesday night’s Flagstaff City Council work session. The council agreed that community outreach and education were steps that needed to be taken in order to reach waste goals. The council also brought up searching through and tagging recycling bins once again, an action that would […]